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Melih Oztalay

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Melih Oztalay has strong entrepreneurial ability that includes: Innovation - Imagination - Creativity - Resourcefulness - Early Adopter of Ideas Summary More than 20 years of successful business experience in entrepreneurial environment. Strong focus on business development, sales, execution and management. Strong understanding of information technologies (IT) and a strong ability to apply IT capabilities to business needs using creative and innovative methods. Business Philosophy from Melih Oztalay "There is nothing a computer cannot do, that money and time cannot buy" "There is an opportunity and solution for every problem" Melih Oztalay's Summary Work Experience Corporation has been in Advertising and Marketing since 1987. We started our Internet group as of 1994. Our uniqueness comes in understanding Internet connectivity as well as Internet Marketing. Our clients are larger national and global corporations including franchises. Our web marketing agency provides the following core competencies: Research and Strategy, Website Development, Website Per Page Optimization (SEO), Web Marketing Strategies, Organic Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords Advertising, Analytics and Analysis, and Local Business Web Marketing. Our Geographic Web Marketing is designed for national franchises and national companies with local stores. We provide Store Level Marketing, Store Level Customer Ratings and Reviews Management, Hyperlocal Advertising, and our Mobile Locations Finder mobile app. Melih Oztalay's Specialties Entrepreneur,innovation,imagination,creativity,resourcefulness,early adopter,research, analysis, planning, strategy for business growth. Web Marketing including SEO, Reputation Management, Customer Ratings and Review Management, Local Business Listing Marketing Management. Please refer to Professional experience for more details.  

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entrepreneur,innovation,imagination,creativity,resourcefulness,early adopter,research, analysis, planning, strategy,sales,marketing,sports,soccer,skiing

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